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i’m an asshole part 1

today i left too early to come back home. the morning started with an argument, and i flipped my lid. i said i was going home, and i did. it was so fast, and my parents, i guess in a way of hiding their vulnerability, acted like they didn’t care. but the way my mom came out of the house to wave goodbye as i pulled out of the driveway sent a pang in my heart.

i came home and my mother called me twice. the first time, she asked about the cat (which i brought home with me per my parents’ request). conversation was over. she called me again and she was choking on her tears. i felt so bad, i got teary myself.

i still feel bad. even though i called her and asked if she wanted me to come back, she said it was okay and started to feel better. nevertheless, i feel so horrible for making my mom cry today. i’m such an asshole sometimes i don’t know what to do.